AWS and Azure

AWS and Azure

During my more recent experiences, since 2018, my main focus when it comes to development has been linked to cloud technologies. I have had the opportunity to start working on Azure solutions, and currently mainly focused on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and certified as a AWS Solutions Architect – Associate.

There is a vast variety of services, and more that will come, but some of the most relevant experiences were linked to serverless approaches such queues (SNS), notifications (SNS or Event Bridge), functions (Lambdas/Azure Functions), PaaS (Elastic Beanstalk/WebApps); between others.

Software Development

Microsoft (.NET)

Since the beginning of my professional career, Microsoft technologies, and .NET in specific, have been the main daily basis for me. I started on different .NET Framework versions (C#), even if I had other previous experiences with more legacy code, until moving to .NET Core 3.1 or the latest versions. At the time writing this lines: .NET 6.


It has not all been linked to .NET and C#. Microsoft technologies has not been always open or affordables for all business; so projects not targeting corporates in my past experiences have mainly been based on technologies such Java or PHP; which had a bigger amount of possibilities around to save costs and a quick time to market in such environments.



Most of my professional career has been based on this agile framework. Mainly being part as a Software Developer, but also having the opportunity to act as a Product Owner as a partial o total assignment for some of the teams I worked with.

Kanban and others

For sure, Scrum does not fit in all the environments and situations. That is why Kanban or other own or more unstructured frameworks have been also an important part of my experience. At the end of the day, the goal is and was to find the best solution that helps achieving the goal of the product and/or company.


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  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Ways of working

  • PSM I: Professional Scrum Master I