Co-founder / Gold partnerships

bm playa caesaraugusta

BMP Caesaraugusta

Position: founding partner, IT manager and administrator

Period: Jul 2016 – Jul 2022

Project description: handball club with exclusive dedication to the sport of beach handball. Travel planning around Spain disputing national and regional competitions from youth to senior categories. 

Website: https://bmcaesaraugusta.com/

Last responsibilities:

  • IT & Digital Innovation (including in-house software development)
  • Economic and organizational management

Responsibilities previously performed:

  • Social Media Strategist (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Corporate Graphic Design

Valonmano con V

Position: IT manager

Period: Jan 2016 – Jan 2020

Project description: With thousands of average followers in social media, Valonmano con V was the national (Spain) benchmark for handball; covering the most outstanding events of this sport nationwide.

Responsibilities: management of all the technical needs at Valonmano con V; from software development for web broadcasting to hosting administration and consultancy.

Other personal projects


Description: DLCMEDIA GROUP is the commercial brand with which I use to offer professional services or collaborations. DLCMEDIA also provides custom software development and/or product implementation; depending on the customer needs. 

Responsibilities: end to end solution management, starting with the commercial approach, going though the analysis and implementation, until the go live and maintenance.

Handball Training Camp: “CEIP Torre Ramona”

Position: director and promoter

Period: Jan 2014 – Jul 2015

Project description: handball training camp for children between 6 and 12 years old

Responsibilities: Relations with sponsors and collaborating entities, as well as management of economic, material and human resources for the promotion and good development of the event. The event took place during the summers of 2014 & 2015.

One more thing...

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